There are four churches in the Stapleton area providing spiritual needs for individuals and families.


St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church was established in 1913 to meet the needs of early farm families. In 2013, 100 years after the construction of the building, standing tall in the Village of Stapleton, the parish observed its 100 years of devoted faith. The parish and building remain a testament of the craftsmanship and care taken to construct this beautiful church. Father Thomas Gudipalli welcomes you.
Contact: 308-636-2421


Gandy Community Bible Church

Gandy Community Bible Church is located in Gandy.  Awanas meet Wednesday evenings at the church. Youth group meets Wednesday evenings at the Stapleton Community Center. Pastor Frank Scott invites you to church services.
Contact: 308-636-6033


Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church parishioners meet in the First Presbyterian Church in Stapleton. Following a fire in 1930, donations from the people of the community resulted in plans for a new church building. On June 14, 1931, the dedication of the new brick church in Stapleton was held. A new fellowship hall with a kitchen, classrooms, and library, was added and used for the first time in 1981. Pastor Eric Mockaitis invites you to join in worship.
Contact: 308-636-2246


Ringgold Free Methodist Church

Ringgold Free Methodist Church is located west of Stapleton in McPherson County. Pastor James Paine invites all seeking a church home to attend services.
Contact: 308-778-7664