Our History & Stories



First settlers arrived after Civil War


  • County Organized
  • First County Building Built
  • Logan, then Gandy, and then Stapleton were the original county seats.


First telephone line (barbed Wire) from North Platte to Gandy.


Union Pacific Branch line from Callaway organized.


  • Business moved to Stapleton from Gandy
  • New town, STAPLETON, began (named after a friend of one of the townsite officials).
  • Phone line extended from Tryon to Stapleton.


Curfew set for those 15 and under to be off the streets by 9:00 PM


Stapleton for County Seat campaign began


The Nicholas Hotel was converted into the Logan County Courthouse.


Custer Public Power Company, Broken Bow, upgrades the power lines in the County.


  • US HIGHWAY 83 Only US Highway to run from Canada to Mexico
  • US HIGHWAY 92 Runs across the County from Custer County to McPherson County.


ST. JOHN'S CATHOLIC CHURCH Started on Gandy by families who built a church in 1886. Church moved to Stapleton in 1913 when large building still in use was built. There have been resident priests in Stapleton since 1914.

UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Started in 1888 at Gandy. Fire destroyed the original church in 1906. A new building was built and later moved to Stapleton in 1913. In 1930 the frame building was destroyed by f ire. A new brick building was built in 1931. This building is still in use today with a large Fellowship Hall built in 1980. This building was dedicated to Reverend Edward Holub and his wife Opal who had served the church and community for 27 years.

ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH This church was started in 1953 in a tent on the land where the old church stands. The Membership kept the Church going until the late 60's.

GANDY BEREAN CHURCH This church was started in the late 60's so there would be a church in Gandy. They first met in the old grade school building until 1971 when they purchased the building that had been the Gandy Methodist Church. This church sponsored an old time Camp Meeting for the 1985 Centennial year.


  • At one time, there were some 33 country or rural schools in Logan County.
  • There is now one school District, and one school in the County.
  • Stapleton covers all of Logan County with some areas in Lincoln and McPherson Counties included.
  • Students from the school have and are excelling in learning and sports.


Located in the COUNTY AND STAPLETON have been the following organizations:
American Legion Post and Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post and Auxiliary, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Eastern Star, Masonic Lodge, IOOF, Rebekah Lodge, Senior Friendship Club, Chamber of Commerce, Logan County Fair and Rodeo Association, Extension Clubs and 4-H Clubs.


  • 1929 Women's Club started the library with donated books. It was located in a private home.
  • 1939 The Club petitioned the County to set a levy for a County library.

Presently the library has books, magazines, records, and paper backs, under the care of librarian Mary Keslar.


1912 The Stapleton Enterprise was started in a tent located in the NEW town of Stapleton. The current
paper is published every Thursday and covers both Stapleton and Tryon.


The Village of Stapleton has a board of five that conduct the official business. A jail was built on the west side of Main Street for a total cost of $197.50. This was moved to a farm and made into a workshop. Today the Village office is located in the newly remodeled COMMUNITY CENTER Building. Through many hardships and good times, the Village of Stapleton has continued to exist and prosper for the past 100 years. At this time, a site on the internet lists 147 Business in the County. Some of these are home based businesses, farms and ranches, ant the official businesses in the Village. At this time, there is only one building still in use from the 1912 list, Salisbury's Implement. It is used for storage and is now run out of the original farm.


1971 Berton Rouche wrote about Stapleton in the New Yorker Magazine and the Community received worldwide recognition. From this the US Info Service sent an exhibit about Stapleton to Vientiane, Laos, about the GOOD LIFE IN STAPLETON.